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What we are

Incredible Solar is Tarneit’s premier provider of solar solutions. Our A-level technicians have the necessary expertise to offer the best results. With us, you will get the most efficient and cost-effective solar systems according to your house’s specific requirements.

We endeavour to develop the best solar panels in Tarneit to ensure our clients get the most value for their money. By purchasing a PV module from our store, you can be confident that your equipment will work properly and generate consistent energy. 

We are not only the most popular solar panel supplier in Tarneit, but we also provide several additional services.

What we offer

We are one of Tarneit’s most dynamic solar solution suppliers, offering everything from solar panel installation to maintenance.

Our skilled consultants are always ready and willing to assist the Tarneit community. Solar energy has numerous applications. From building the best PV array for your home to learning how to save the most money with solar energy, we are here to help.

Our clients are our number one priority. Every worry you have is our concern. Your budget is the most important factor influencing your decision to purchase a solar panel.

Purchasing a Pv system can be an expensive proposition. Therefore you do not want to squander your money by buying a system that does not meet your home’s needs or does not generate enough energy to run your home.

So, to make the best judgments, our expert personnel collaborates to supply our Tarneit clients with the greatest commercial and residential solar modules. Every solution we offer is custom-made to the required specifications.

We also do energy audits if you want to know how much energy your home uses. We ensure the proper operation of your panel by inspecting your home to determine the PV system’s requirements.

Why Choose us?

Hailing from Australia

We are a proudly Australian-owned solar firm situated in Victoria.

Financing is free

We provide the best packages with no upfront fees and 0% interest payment plans.


Unrivalled affordability

We guarantee the lowest priced estimates with our price match policy.


Expert technicians

We guarantee an A-level service overseen and executed by our best technicians. Get a fantastic 10-year workmanship warranty.


An all-in-one stop

We have everything from the best installation procedures to the most recent PV modules. We have the best energy-saving packages because we are equipped with cutting-edge technology.


Free quote upon request

If you need an energy evaluation or a savings prediction, our trained consultants can provide them for free. On request, free in-person estimates and consultations are available.

Solar rebates

Have any questions?

Incredible solar is available to meet all of your needs. Please contact our specialists if you have questions about solar energy or technology.

We are committed to our clients and are here to make a long-term difference in the community. So we are prepared to go to any length to make your journey easier.

Brand We Install

Memberships & Accreditations

Approved Clean Energy Council Member
Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer
Solar Victoria Authorised Solar Provider
Australia Owned Certified

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