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Start a better living with solar, energy that protects your family or business from rising electricity prices, earns you credit through selling back excess power to the grid, and reduces your carbon emissions.

Benefits of Installing Solar


Great Return On Investment

The ongoing high solar rebates (which is reducing every year!) and high feed-in-tariffs mean switching to solar now is super affordable. With 25-year solar panel performance Warranty makes going solar a no-brainer.


Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Going solar not only helps you save more on your energy bills but, it also helps you to play your part to save the environment, which is deteriorating at an unprecedented rate. A 6.6KW solar system allows you to reduce a whopping 10.6 tonnes of CO2 Every Year!


Huge Savings On Energy Bills

It is no secret that installing a solar system on your roof extensively reduces your energy bills. However, the reality is astonishing. Some households reported that they have slashed bills by upto 90% annually.


Interest-Free Finance

Plenty of interest-free finance options are now available, which requires zero upfront payment and thus making most household's solar dream a reality. So now instead of paying the high electricity bills divert your funds to solar loan repayments and after a few years enjoy your free sun's energy.


Peace of Mind

Complete peace of mind by installing high quality, established and recognised Solar PV products that are also approved by Clean Energy Council. Solar PV systems also adhere to high safety and each installation complies with industry best practise guildelines as per Australian Standard.

Our Solar Products


3 kW Small Home
  • 9 x 350 W = 3150 W Tier 1 Panels
  • Upto 25 Years Solar Panel Warranty
  • 3 kW Smart Inverter
  • Wifi Monitoring


5 kW Medium Home
  • 15 x 350 W = 5250 W Tier 1 Panels
  • Upto 25 Years Solar Panel Warranty
  • 5 kW Smart Inverter
  • Wifi Monitoring


6.6 kW Large Home
  • 19 x 350 W = 6650 W Tier 1 Panels
  • Upto 25 Years Solar Panel Warranty
  • 5 kW Smart Inverter
  • Wifi Monitoring


10 kW Big Home
  • 29 x 350 W = 10150 W Tier 1 Panels
  • Upto 25 Years Solar Panel Warranty
  • 8 kW Smart Inverter
  • Wifi Monitoring


15 kW Small Business
  • 43 x 370 W = 15910 W Tier 1 Panels
  • Upto 25 Years Solar Panel Warranty
  • 15 kW Smart Inverter
  • Wifi Monitoring


30 kW Medium Business
  • 86 x 370 W = 31820 W Tier 1 Panels
  • Upto 25 Years Solar Panel Warranty
  • 15 kW + 15 kW Smart Inverter
  • Wifi Monitoring


50 kW Large Business
  • 143 x 370 W = 52910 W Tier 1 Panels
  • Upto 25 Years Solar Panel Warranty
  • 25 kW + 25 kW Smart Inverter
  • Wifi Monitoring
Solar rebates

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Let us analyse your electricity bills to find the best solar panels and system for your household or business.

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We are a one-stop-shop for all your solar energy needs

Thinking on upgrading your system with the latest products or expanding the system? We are fully qualified and have experience working in a range of residential and commercial environments.

We provide you with free bill comparison service, help you find a retailer that may offer you best rates and FiT for your solar. As the energy market is very much competitive, you can save on your energy bills and maximise your solar credit by just switching to a new retailer.

Do you know you can make your home energy efficient by installing a right ventilation system.

If you think your system is underperforming and you need a report of the same, Get a Health Check done for your system.

Know Your Energy Consumption

0 kWh - 0.5 kWh
0.5 kWh - 1.0 kWh
1.0 kWh - 1.5 kWh
1.5 kWh - 2.0 kWh
2.0 kWh - 2.5 kWh
2.5 kWh - 3.0 kWh
3.0 kWh - 3.5 kWh
3.5 kWh - 4.0 kWh

Memberships & Accreditations

Approved Clean Energy Council Member
Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer
Solar Victoria Authorised Solar Provider
Australia Owned Certified

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