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Solar systems for homes are called rooftop solar panels, a solar array on your roof that produces electricity from the sun and lowers monthly electricity costs. The photovoltaic effect, which is how solar panels function, transforms light energy into electricity that can be used to run our houses and appliances. Solar power generates low-carbon, sustainable electricity while reducing electricity costs over time.

At Incredible Solar, We employ CEC accredited designers, installers, and A-Grade electricians who can offer the best advice, design, and installation services for your unique requirements. This way, you can rest assured that you are purchasing the most cost-effective residential solar system guaranteed to function and help save a lot of money on your electricity bills.

Your choice of equipment is crucial. At Incredible Solar, we work with a wide range of manufacturers that we have thoroughly investigated and are confident in installing these best solar power systems on our own property.

We don’t skimp on the quality of the work we provide for our clients or the safety of our personnel. We guarantee the following:

  • A high-quality system made of tried-and-true components
  • Installations are completed with the highest care.
  • Best industry practices and standards of installation.

We only offer Tier-1 solar panels of globally recognised brands and well-known inverters made by reputable companies. These brands in the sector are well known for their expertise, capacity to produce high-quality goods at competitive rates, and technical prowess. 

With our Clean Energy Council Accreditation, which offers you peace of mind and confidence that we will get things done right the first time, your system will be installed to the best industry standards and specifications by our A-Grade Electricians.


4 varieties of solar systems are available for residential purposes, which are as follows:


3 kW Solar System

  • For low to moderate energy users
  •  No battery requirement in the near future
  • Produces up to 11kWh

5 kW Solar System

  • Up to 18 kW produced each day
  • Depends on the size of the home and 
  • The operating equipment.

6.6 kW Solar System

  • Requires a 5 kW inverter.
  • Can generate up to 23.8 kWh daily.



10 kW Solar System

  • For high residential electricity demand  
  • Also for businesses with low electricity needs.

Benefits Of Solar

With the cost of living increasing rapidly and energy expenses increasing, switching to residential solar systems provides you with many savings.


Huge Savings On Energy Bills

Solar-powered household operations are a terrific way to lower your yearly energy costs dramatically. Solar panels can only generate electricity during the day, so you still need to use the grid at night.


Great Return On Investment

By sending it to the grid, you can decrease your electricity costs and receive reimbursement for any excess power you produce. This is known as a “feed-in-tariff.” The installation of solar power systems might raise the value of your home if you’re planning to sell. Add value to your home – a study by realestate.com.au states buyers would be willing to pay up to $10,000 more for a home with Solar.


Interest-Free Finance

There are currently various options for interest-free financing that don’t require a down payment and help most households realise their ambition of going solar. So, instead of paying the outrageous power bills, put your money toward paying off your solar loan, and after a few years, you can start using the sun’s free energy.


Peace of Mind

In general, solar energy systems don’t need much upkeep. They merely need to be kept clean; at least twice a year of solar panel cleaning will do. You may anticipate spending very little on upkeep and repairs after paying for the solar system’s original cost.


Reduced Carbon Footprint

Thanks to solar home battery storage, your ability to be power independent day and night can help you save money on electricity costs and cut your household’s carbon footprint.

Solar Rebates

For the installation of solar panel (PV) systems on homes and rental properties, Solar Victoria is offering rebates of up to $1,400 along with the choice of an interest-free loan. Look up the dates for refund releases.

Householders can apply for an interest-free loan for an amount equal to their rebate amount to further lower installation costs. The loan must be returned over four years, although it may also be paid off earlier in a lump payment.

Solar Victoria is assisting eligible Victorian families with the installation of a solar battery by offering a point-of-sale discount of up to a maximum of $2,950 for qualified clients. There are now 1,700 more refunds accessible.

Rebates for solar batteries are available in every postcode in Victoria. The installation of the applicant’s solar PV panels and batteries may be coordinated. However, applicants for a battery rebate are only eligible for one Solar Victoria rebate.

On qualifying solar hot water and heat pump hot water systems, Solar Victoria is offering a 50% reimbursement of up to $1,000. For homes without solar panels or for homes with solar panels that are already installed, this is a fantastic alternative.

A few good reasons to choose us

100% Australian

We are a proud local Australian company.

Zero-interest finance

Become a solar owner with no-interest loans.


Competitive pricing

We can match and beat our competitor's prices.


Excellent technical staff

We are Grade Licensed Electricians and CEC accredited Installers. We ensure a 10-year workmanship guarantee.


One-stop solution

Reliable brands, high-quality solar systems, best installation services; all at once place.


Obligation-free quotes

We don't charge anything for energy assessment, panel performance, face to face consultation.

Solar rebates

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