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Why should I go Solar?

Q. Why should I install Solar?

Ans:- Switching to solar renewable energy can save you hundreds of dollars on your electric bills, raise the value of your home, reduce your carbon footprint, and help future generations live in a cleaner environment.

Q. What is the difference between a grid-connected and off-grid power system?

Ans:- Grid-connected systems rely on solar-generated energy and only require the grid for backup power.

You save all of the electricity solar panels create and don't use the grid at all when you install an off-grid or stand-alone system. A battery is required to store the solar-generated energy.

Q. What rebates are available?

Ans:- Victorians are eligible for a state government rebate of up to $1,400 for houses and $3,500 for businesses. For additional information, go to Solar Victoria.

Q. How do I know if I’m eligible for a Rebate?

Ans:- To see if you qualify, go to Solar Victoria.

A combined household taxable income of less than $180,000 and a property valued at less than $3 million are two essential eligibility conditions for homeowners.

Q. How do I apply for a rebate?

Ans:- In order to apply for a rebate with Solar Victoria. Please contact us on 1800 220 100. One of our Solar Expert will help you guide through the process.

Or Visit : https://www.solar.vic.gov.au/how-to-apply

Q. What size system will I need to run my home?

Ans:- The size of your Solar System is decided by the size of your home, its direction, and how much energy you use. Incredible Solar and Energy Solutions has a team of professionals in this field who will recommend the ideal system for your needs.

Q. How long does it take to install Solar?

Ans:- After you've scheduled your solar installation, you can anticipate your system to be installed in one day.

Q. How much money will I save on my electricity bill?

Ans:- As part of your FREE quote, the Incredible Solar and Energy Solutions team will provide with the estimated cost of savings you can expect.

Depending on the type and size of the system installed, the systems we install can lower power expenditures by up to 80% and in some cases eliminate them.

Q. How long do Solar Panels last?

Ans:-  Solar panels are comprised of silicon, and if properly maintained, they can last up to 25 years. We provide high-quality solar products with a 25-year performance warranty.

Q. Do I need a battery to store the energy produced?

Ans:- If you choose an off-grid or stand-alone solar system, you'll only need a battery to store solar energy.

Learn more about Solar Victoria's point-of-sale battery discount of up to $3,500.

Q. Will installing Solar panels help to reduce carbon emissions?

Ans:- Solar-panel-generated electricity produces no greenhouse gases, which helps to lessen climate change's effects. When solar energy is used to power a home or business, no fuel is burned, and no emissions are produced throughout the energy producing process.

Q. Does roof orientation matter?

Ans:- North-facing panels are the ideal location for constantly generating power throughout the day.

Most of your energy is generated in the morning thanks to east-facing panels.

The majority of your energy is generated during the midday sun which is caught by west-facing panels.

Q. Will a Solar System add value to my home?

Ans:- Yes, in a nutshell.

According to a survey conducted by RealEstate.com.au, 57 per cent of Australian homeowners would be willing to spend up to $10,000 more for a home with solar panels.

Q. What is a “feed-in tariff” and how much will I get paid?

Ans:- A feed-in tariff is a incentive given to a solar system for any excess electricity it produces. If you have a grid-connected solar system, the energy you generate must be used right away or it will be fed into the shared electrical grid and consumed by other properties.

For each kilowatt-hour (kWh) of electricity exported to the grid, the property will receive a feed-in tariff of a few cents, which in Victoria is typically between 6.1 cents and 10.9 cents per kWh (time-varying).

Q. What type of warranty comes with the system?

Ans:- All of the systems we install come with warranties that range from 10 to 25 years, depending on the solar product.

Q. If my energy requirements increase, can I upgrade the system?

Ans:- Yes, you can make improvements to your current solar system. Please get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help you with a seamless update.

Q. What happens on cloudy days?

Ans:- Solar panels continue to work on overcast days and when it rains, although the amount of power generated is reduced.

Q. How much does a typical home solar system cost?

Ans:- The cost of a grid-connected system for a medium-sized family ranges from $1,000 to $2,500 per KW. Contact the Incredible Solar and Energy Solutions team for a no-obligation, free quotation https://www.incrediblesolar.com.au/request-a-quote/

Q. Will I need a new switchboard and/or meter?

Ans:- If you need a new switchboard or meter, it depends on the age of your home. If you require an upgrade, our experts will examine and advise you.

Q. What happens with grid-connected systems during a blackout?

Ans:- A residence with a grid-connected solar system will be without power during a blackout. Grid-connected solar systems are required by law to be turned off if the grid loses power. This is to guarantee that linesmen may safely fix any issues.

Q. How much roof space do you need?

Ans:- Every solar system we install is tailored to the specific size, shape, and roof specifications of each home. The quantity of space necessary is determined by the size of the system being placed, which determines the number of panels required.

Q. What is the difference between solar power and solar hot water?

Ans:- Solar hot water systems, also known as solar thermal systems, use the sun's direct heat to heat water, whereas solar power generates energy using sunlight.

Q. How do we store solar power for use after the sun goes down?

Ans:- Battery storage is the sole means to store solar electricity (produced during the day) for usage at night without reverting to the grid. Our team can provide detailed information on the advantages and disadvantages of battery storage.

Q. Is there any maintenance required?

Ans:- Mold, dirt, and bird droppings should be removed from panels at least once every six to twelve months.

To maintain your Solar System performing at its best, it is advised that you have it examined every couple of years. Please contact us to schedule a professional maintenance inspection.

Q. Can you insure a solar system?

Ans:- The majority of house and business insurance policies will include coverage for a solar power electric system. In most circumstances, adding additional coverage to your policy will not raise your rate.

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