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Who we are

Incredible Solar is the leading provider of solar services and solutions in Aintree. Our team of experts provide you with the best solar solutions and services. With top-notch quality management and building a solid partnership with the leading manufacturers in the industry, we ensure that our clients get the best solar panels.

We worked long and hard to create the best solar panels in Aintree so our customers could get the most bang for their dollars. When you buy a Solar panel from us, you can be confident that your system will run well.

We are Aintree’s most dependable solar panel supplier. However, we also provide comprehensive solar technology assistance and solutions.

What we offer

We are one of Aintree’s leading solar technology firms since we offer everything from solar PV systems to system maintenance.

Our expert team in Aintree is always ready to assist our clients. Solar energy offers a wide range of applications. We can help you with everything from building the best solar panel array for your home to learning how to use solar energy to achieve the best energy savings.

Our primary purpose is to provide exceptional service to our consumers. We recognise your concerns. Profit is essential when determining what type of solar panel to buy and whether to invest in a PV array.

Investing in a product that may or may not be suitable for your home wastes time and money. It will also be an issue if it does not produce enough energy to meet its requirements, as solar arrays are a costly investment.

Our educated staff worked relentlessly to give the best residential and commercial solar panels in Aintree to help our customers make the best selections possible. Each solution we offer is customised to your specific requirements.

If you’re curious about how much electricity your home uses, we offer an energy consumption evaluation based on your home’s electrical consumption.

Why Choose us?

We're 100% Australian

We are a solar company based in Victoria, Australia.

Incredible cost savings

We provide the best deals anywhere, with no upfront fees and no-interest investment options.


Unparalleled affordability

We can provide the most accurate cost estimates due to our price match policy.


Experts in solar technology

Our best employees manage and provide the high-quality services we offer. There is a terrific 10-year workmanship warranty included.


Multiple solutions, one organisation

We have everything from the latest installation techniques to high-quality PV modules. Name it; we have it. Because of our outstanding technology, we provide high-value energy-saving packages.


Free quotes available

Our knowledgeable staff can conduct a free assessment and savings prediction for you if necessary. Free estimates and in-person consultations are available upon request.

Solar rebates

Have any questions?

Incredible Solar is happy to meet all of your demands. Contact our specialists if you have more questions about solar energy systems or PV panels.

We cherish our clients’ trust and strive to make a genuine change happen. As a result, we are willing to go to considerable lengths to make your experience as delightful as possible.

Brand We Install

Memberships & Accreditations

Approved Clean Energy Council Member
Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer
Solar Victoria Authorised Solar Provider
Australia Owned Certified

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