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AC Coupled Battery Storage For Solar Systems

Simply put, adding batteries to a standard solar PV system is what is referred to as AC Coupled Battery Storage. It can be placed as part of a new solar panel installation or as an aftermarket battery storage system to supplement an existing solar panel array.

The electricity that your solar panels produce and send to the grid is stored in the batteries. Once that electricity is available, you can utilise it at night, during the day, or in the event of a power outage. Some AC-linked systems are designed to keep the solar panels operating and recharging the batteries even if the electricity goes out.

Many AC-coupled solar systems have the ability to switch during the night utilising off-peak electricity, allowing them to use up all of their solar energy in the evening and recharge during the night to be ready for the next day. Your off-peak electricity costs could be as low as one penny per unit, depending on your electricity rate.

A system with an ac connected battery is rather straightforward. Your solar panel setup remains unchanged. A changeover unit, a battery controller inverter, and some batteries will all be installed by a skilled installation. The batteries are charged by solar panel power. The house is powered by batteries. Any excess solar energy is normally returned to the grid. Your feed-in tariff keeps running as usual.

It is doable, and the batteries have a minimum 5-year warranty. In rare circumstances, you can extend it for an extra charge for 10 years.

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